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About us

Our history 
SRI was created in 2006 with head office in Dunkerque, France, in the purpose to develop in the worldwide the competence and values of the mother companies known as Sosea and Robertson. Implantation in China is the first important operation of this development strategy. 
Sosea (Société de Services pour l'Europe et l'Afrique ) was created in 1962, with Geocoton(ex Dagris, group held by French government) as major shareholder. Besides the cotton, the group is also specialized in sea and air logistics, sourcing and sales of spare parts of the ginning mills, as well as in transit and diverse warehousing. 
Geocoton, the mother company of Sosea is very influential in West Africa and is very involved in cotton: Culture, production and sale, as well as in oil and related industry. Recently, Geocoton began to make investments in East Africa and Australia. The group is homogeneous and strong which continue an intensive but controlled development.
Robertson is originally an American company specialized in cotton controlling and petrol products. It’s French branch merged with Destock in 1993. Created in 1985, Destock is also engaged in wood trade, industrial wood transformation, public transport and possesses warehouses for port logistics. 
Our development in China
Sosea-Robertson International entered into Chinese market from year 2006, firstly in Tianjin, then in Qingdao and Shanghai. In 2013, our fully owned subsidiary SOSEA-ROBERTSON (QINGDAO) LOGISTICS CO. , LTD was created inside qingdao port free trade zone, with objective to develop our business in China. 
Our business focus mainly on two activities:
- Logistics/warehousing : customs clearance, re-export, transport (road/ocean/air), loading/unloading, stuffing/unstuffing, warehouse in/out bound, storage, etc… Our storage capacity in China: Tianjin(18 000m²), Qingdao(40 000m² ) Shanghai(10 000m²) Zhangjiagang (40 000m²).
- Cotton Controlling : controlling of weight (bale by bale, full/empty truck), container seal-breaking, devanning and tally, sampling, fibre test (manual classing/HVI test), damage survey, etc. 
Our Chronology :
Year 2006     Sosea-Robertson International created in Dunkerque, France
Year 2006     created Tianjin representative office
Year 2007     created Shanghai representative office
Year 2013     created subsidiary SOSEA-ROBERTSON (QINGDAO) LOGISTICS CO., LTD